About Carol Dysart



After 15 years as a high school and college teacher, which I loved, a natural entrepeneurial spirit took over, and I never looked back! 

As a business owner, coach, and consultant, I bring leading edge tools to fulfill my passion for helping others find the gift within themselves by first identifying their natural strengths, motivators, and purpose. 

I encourage you to know, love, and understand yourself first and then teach others around you how to find their greatest gifts.

I make the art of People-Reading simple and fun on the journey to

 self-and-other understanding. The personality profiling tools I use and recommend include insights for any business industry, culture, age, and educational levels.

I love teaching people-skills, and my greatest satisfaction is seeing people's amazed response as their personal style reports reveal the gift they actually can be, do, and have.

My advice? Leave behind comparisons, gossip, self-sabotage, and lack of confidence when around other people! 

Instead, turn your attention to finding what's "right" about the strengths others have in their differences from you; then collaborate for incredible results!

As a coach to individuals for personal growth through self-discovery, I can help you uncover your Life Purpose and Passion. With couples in relationships of any length of time, I help them create a life they love together - forever. 



In 2000, a three-week business trip to set up and train the promoters of upcoming Money & You programs starting up again in New Zealand turned into a love affair with the country, the people, and the culture, so much that I ended up returning home to San Diego in six months to sell her home and return to NZ for another 4 1/2 more years!

This was when my gracious host, Sandra Davis (seen above left), became not only my "official" sponsor into the country, but a great friend and valued business partner!

Together, we created PeopleSmartEnterprises, LLC, and started certifying and licensing others to provide their services world-wide, serving not only the educational market but also the homeschooling market as well. 

Because of Sandra's background in educational design and franchising, we now serve not only businesses, but also youth and homeschooling environments. 

DISC training sites:

We invite you to join us in creating a world where People-Literacy, Living by Virtues, Vision and Purpose become "business as usual" when it comes to raising families, having great relationships, and developing productive, profitable businesses!



Of all the gifts we get in our life, the love of family is the most precious.

So while my career has included speaking, training, writing, coaching, and consulting to many and even though I've been trained by the "best of the best" - world-famous speakers, motivators, authors, business executives, and world leaders in their fields - it is my family that has taught me the most!!  

I apply what I've learned here to everything else I do... 

     *  Relationship Coaching

     *  DISC Mastery Training
    *  Corporate Consulting

     *  Podcast Interviews
    *  Conference Speaking

     *  Parent Education

         ... and much more.

Let me know how I can assist you to take your life, relationships, and business to whole new levels of purpose, passion and happiness.

I would lo the possibilities.
ve to collaborate with you to discover the possibilities of an empowered future.

           THAT IS MY JOB... 

                     ... and I LOVE it!