About Carol Dysart

The Gift of Experience!

Carol Dysart, M.Sc Counseling, San Diego, a passionate, former high school and college teacher with a BS in Education and Choral Music from UCLA followed by a MSc in Counseling from San Diego State University, completely shifted her career once she experienced how surprisingly accurate her very first DISC Assessment was! It accurately described her naturally optimistic and enthusiastic people-person style - as if they had interviewed her family to learn more! Her report said she was a “High I” and described strengths, weaknesses, work qualities, and communication preferences which were accurate but she wasn't aware she had answered it that way! 

The report said it all!  She was fascinated with the thought, “How could this simple, 10-minute multiple-choice survey, asking which of four words are Most and Least like you, return a report that so completely reflects one’s priorities, strengths, and attributes?    “FIND A NEED AND FILL IT” was the coaching of her mentor, Buckminster Fuller a year later at her Money & You® and its follow-on Business School for Entrepreneurs. Therefore, having already experienced the need she wanted to fill through many years of teaching, travel, raising a family, and coaching, she declared her business to be one that would bring people-literacy to the world through a network of client companies and certified individuals, teaching her proven method in how to get the best results from any DISC Assessment. Upon arriving in New Zealand in 2000, Carol met Sandra, they merged their skills and mutual passions for     With the brilliance of her “high S/C” New Zealand-based business partner, Sandra Davis, 

 “High I/S” Carol set aside her early attempts at providing Certification materials and the pair co-developed and co-founded both PeopleSmart Enterprises, LLC and PeopleSmartWorld.com    Carol, Sandra, and others of our growing team of Certified DISC Consultants can work with you in person or on-line. With Sandra’s contracts and licensing as well as educational technology support and structure, the team empowers individuals and companies to master the art and science of learning the DISC “needs-motivated behavioral language” to make any relationship sing!      


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