About DISC

Bottom line, what has it cost you...?

... without Carol's training in PeopleSmart coaching, leading, selling or just understanding why people do what they do? How has it been at work for everyone in your business or teams?  

Just contact us for a conversation - and within a few minutes you'll know what is possible! It is often as simple as giving everyone the 'universal language of DISC!' or the right jobs and ideal work environment to bring out the best in your people! Perhaps you are managing others from YOUR style and not realizing how simple it is to shift into meeting their needs!  Or does each team member know how to appreciating the gift in each other! People don't intuitively know how to really share what's important to them, yet by turning a 10 minute input survey into a comprehensive, customized personal report to help recognize the real needs, emotions and fears that comes with every style our reports make suddenly recognizable so that a person is able to communicate and make requests from, life at work and even att home is transformed!  Clients can choose from standard or customized assessments, even being able to add their own pages, brochures, or announcements of their own following up programs, other instruments, consulting or training. 

DISC or Motivators Certification and Training Manuals for DISC-Basics Foundations Training makes it easy for everyone to recognize, understand, appreciate, and value, differences. The insights that come with just a little bit of coaching can transform and add value to any important relationship.