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FAMILY: Of all the gifts I have received in my life, my family and the love we share is the 'wind beneath my wings'!  My daughter, Lori, son Scott, and gift of my second marriage, Julie plus the grandchildren they have each brought me, are THE BEST!  

BUSINESS ASSOCIATES and MENTORS: My career has included speaking, training, writing, mentoring to others but it all started out by being trained myself by the "best of the best" - world-famous mentors, speakers, motivators, authors, business executives, and world leaders in their fields!  Buckminster Fuller, Marshall Thurber, Doria (DC) Cordova, Bobbi DePorter, Werner Erhart, Dr. Serge Gravelle, Ralph Thompson, plus my tireless team associates, Sandra Davis, Sharon Honning who I could not have gotten here with them!

There are many hundreds of others which you can actually see in the a scrolling list of graduates of www.MoneyandYou.com. This program is the first course in the Excellerated Business School for Entrepeneus which is the 'granddaddy' of Super Learning experiential programs - and has been my client for DISC Profiles since 1980, and this global network of graduates forms many of my friends, associates or clients, plus, with the gift of the Internet and interactive soft ware like Zoom and the different social media programs like Facebook and LinkedIn, my work will continue to reach around the world and keep growing! 

MY GOALS - surpassed!: The outreach all the companies that now use my version of DISC has so far surpassed my longest range vision and the goals that I had when I started back in 1979! I'm so proud now to realize that by committing my career to personal growth and development has allowed me to bring what people-literacy to the world will keep going through all those I have taught for a long, long time!


I think all of us are good at manifesting things. once we know what we want to do and where we want to go. And I'm so grateful for what has been like magic in my own life when I was least expected it! So here is the "rest of the story" of how I got to today! 

I had prepared throughout college and for 15 years taught a variety of subjects in both high school and college. But in 1979 I found myself in two programs unexpectedly that caused my life to take a sudden and a surprising 90-degree turn!

I became certified in DISC which became my chosen focus in business - a scientific personality style system that I wished I had been able to teach in the schools I worked in for so many years. It provides a way for anyone, in just a few minutes to produce a report that shows people the gifts in their own styles in comparison with the differences and special interests that people of all styles have. By understanding just what makes every person uniquely "tick," I shifted from teaching in public schools and, after the second most influential program learned how to build consulting career that could save marriages, help business owners hire and develop the right people into their right roles, and provide a way for any team leader to see what was missing in terms of balance on their them and a way to match two person's style with another so they can collaborate with each other to design an ideal life going forward.

Once I saw I would NEVER run out of people who needed what I could teach them now! , it could reduce conflict, hate and fear by making different ways of thinking and doing things OK once you understand that each person's strengths are different - yet needed for balance in teams, families, business, and politics.  I saw how quickly barriors drop once people realize that there are four very different sets of NEEDS, EMOTIONS, and FEAR that we each have in different levels of intensity in us, and by seeing and accepting that each person is uniquely different from everyone else they still are VALUABLE and needed when it comes to creating balance in families businesses teams, and social relationships to meet the varied demands life brings to us 

all. I had been teaching 15 years and had never heard of DISC, but I got Certified immediately so that I could add it to my teaching toolkit from that day forward.


I saw the difference this could make if children were born into families where the parents understood the behavioral styles they were and why they had been attracted to each other, they would be able to raise their children to value and understand the gifts of the differences in each person.  Kids would be welcomed into schools where there was no bullying nor prejudice and instead differences were celebrated. Counselors and teachers would know how to encourage them into careers that took advantage of their unique strengths, and every business would know exactly what personality style was ideal for each job they had to fill.  Teams would be balanced and differences understood so that peace and harmony in families, businesses, and the world was a given that wars would cease and peace would become "business as usual" in every culture. I "got it" immediately and my vision expanded so quickly that I couldn't wait to become certified as an expert in using, teaching and applying it now as part of a whole new career for me.


Soon after becoming DISC-Certified, I knew I wasn't trained as a teacher to make a business out of what I eventually branded as PeopleSmart skills. attended a program offered by what is now called the Excellerated Business Schools for Entrepreneurs and revolutionary experiential learning foundational Money & You 3 1/2 day prog, where my natural entrepreneurial spirit took over, and I have never looked back! In fact, Money & You, which is a global magnet in education, has been using our DISC profiles as my client now for over 40 years

The primary observable behaviors of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance can easily be identified through D.I.S.C. Behavior and Work style reports. 

One of my students, passionate about her ability and passion for selling, loved DISC but asked me if I had a way to "crack the code" of a prospect's buying style - and in less than 90 seconds! As I didn't, you will see what she created and find a link from which you can Crack your own Code and get identify your own buying style preference here!

Free Profile she invented a phenomenal system called B.A.N.K. and you can system now allows you to determine a quick identifying code for "Why They Buy" (and wrote a book by that title which I love). In her research, she saw that people buywhat one Values and it as Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, and Knowledge) to identify the values most important to you in relationships, especially parenting, and in how you approach buying. This is invaluable if you want to get more Yes's.

Given I wanted to own and run my own coaching and training business to offer DISC-literacy to the world, it wasn't long before I met a lovely woman handing out flyers advertising an entrepenurial business education course called Money & You/  That woman later became the CEO and owner of one of the most important business education programs on the planet, Ms. Doria (DC) Cordova. Her program promised me a chance to gain some business education and experience through its games that I never got in my teacher prep courses in college, so I enrolled just to see if this could be what could help me create a business through which I could now bring my new DISC skills into the world. be possible in learning . You can imagine my great joy when I found that one of their interactive games using DISC within its program 

I got certified nlowed me to help people see and understand themselves and others.The report that came back revealed the gifts they had in their strengths, weaknesses they could work on if they wanted different results in their lives, and what I loved most about it is it made it instantly possible to ANYONE - without special licenses or e- to understand and LOVE everyone they meet!   

I encourage you to know, love, and understand yourself first and next understand the others around you so you can work and live together in harmony. Then you can teach others around you how to find their greatest gifts. 

I make the Art of People-Reading simple and fun on the journey to self-and-other understanding. The personality profiling tools I use and recommend include insights for any business industry, culture, age, and educational levels. 

You apply everything involving

  • Relationship Coaching
  • DISC Mastery Training
  • Corporate Consulting
  • Podcast Interviews
  • Conference Speaking
  • Parent Education

... reallyanywhere PEOPLE are involved!

Let me know how something in my life, training, or experience can answer a question you have or help you take your life, relationships, and business to whole new levels of purpose, passion and happiness.

The gift is in yo f an extraordinary life!
          THAT IS MY JOB... and I LOVE it!