DISC for Youth using the BIRDS


DISCovering Me & You  is perfect for Schools, Organizations and Home-Schooling Parents.

 Our DISCovering Me &You program is

 a complete curriculum designed to be used with ages 10+ that includes the assessments, teaching resources, and booklets to use in any class, workshop, or home-schooling program. 

(The adults love seeing their results in terms of

 the four primary BIRDS as well).


The workshops have been designed to easily integrate into a curriculum (inquiry/topic/theme of each term) the disciplinary system and culture of any school, organization, or home where Home Schooling is taking place!


Our customized DISCovering Me & You Assessments feature our BIRDS - Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls - to 

guide the child and all of us through a magical journey of self-acceptance, self-appreciation, Love of self and others.  We use fun activities contained within the program to walk you through the entire report, illustrating how to apply it. 

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DISCovering Me & You program.