Coaching is my Passion


I love people and I love helping people get comfortable, first with themselves and then being able to naturally and effectively build rapport and have meaningful friendships and interpersonal or work relationships with those they choose - as long as it makes them happy! 

In my business as a Counselor, teacher, and coach, I've been profiling, interpreting, and helping people see themselves as others see them. I've made sure they also value the gifts in differences too!


My Masters degree in Counselling prepared me in the process, my work as a long-time DISC Master kept me coaching for only one session, unless people wanted to be certified in how to profitably use DISC in any career path one chooses, because people-skills are keys to success as it's likely they will keep showing up in your life

Here's the GOOD NEWS, regardless of where you fall in these personal style patterns.  I have a Masters in Counseling and have provided profiles and coaching to tens of thousands of participants in my client training companies.  And, being the visionary that I am, I've seen where we were headed in the high tech world, ever since 1980 when I attended "Money & You" and what is now known as the Excellerated Business Schools for Entrepreneurs  programs. Instructed here by "Bucky" (Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller) he advised us to get into any business where we could use or learn how to apply our business to computers... a very expensive "trial and error" period of my life - only exceeded by my exploration into "crypto-commerce" opportunities which cost me even more, but I have finally found the PERFECT BLEND of High Tough and High Tech in the Nasgo Blockchain for SME's and if you haven't thoroughly explored that world, I highly recommend you do!

BOTTOM LINE, you can trust that from this point forward, anything I  recommend - whether programs, products, or services - will  be led by individuals I personally know and are   HIGH INTEGRITY individuals whose companies celebrate the High Touch  PeopleSmart Skills I teach, are led by brilliant High Tech people, all of whom believe first in providing ADDED VALUE SERVICE that will make a difference all over the world. 

Professionalism and Experience


As a professionally trained and experienced Personal and Entrepreneur Coach, I have mastered many tools and years of working with hundreds of individuals, couples, business owners and professionals. And with that background, I bring the confidence of knowing I can help you create the life you have always dreamed of and am positive you can reach any goal, purpose in life, or vision you can imagine for yourself.  

I will focus on helping you change your perception of what is possible for you and the life you so deserve and one that it is filled with vitality, enthusiasm ... and happiness!

Balance in Life is Everything


Committing to great relationships and having a business and a lifestyle you love is just that – a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take knowing who you are and where you want to go. 

That ideal life IS possible when you take the first step and commit yourself to YOU! With that commitment, you can have the life you want... and deserve! 

My personal commitment is to provide you with understanding yourselves first, then taking the steps that I promise will get you there - together! You will have a blueprint for accomplishing anything you can visualize for yourself - plus lasting, on-going growth and development!


With my experience in Counselling and 40 years teaching DISC personal styles, I can help you create an ideal life and business for yourself - and you'llhave the tools to guarantee it will always be yours from now on!  

Contact me below if you are:

•Looking to change your career? •Lacking direction in your business or your life? 

•Would like to enhance the relationships in your life? 

• Want both a business and a personal life you choose. 

If you feel stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get out, sign up below for an interview for getting a free introductory coaching session. After this, we will both know if what you want is what I can promise to deliver... if you do the work we agree to in our sessions, are "coachable" and truly committed to having a life that you love, free of the blocks, negative environment and 

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