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Coaching is my Passion


I love people! And I love helping people get comfortable with themselves, their strengths and those situations that motivate them the most, for it is only then that they can be their most  natural and loving self - able to  build rapport and have fun, meaningful friendships with others! 

Throughout  my professional business life, I've been a Coach, Counselor, Teacher, and Friend to most everyone I know.  What has helped me more than anything else is the training and profiling, 

I've done with individuals, couples, executives and their leadership teams around the world. I love interpreting their profiles, and helping them  see themselves as others see them so they are more aware of the impact they make on others, starting with valuing the gifts in differences in these others too!

My Masters degree in Counselling prepared me in the process. My long-time role as DISC Master with the Money & You programs around the world have kept me teaching the people-skills I love sharing because they  are the keys to success in life... as people are people - everywhere you go!

And since other long term clients of mine are in the financial and alternative currency world of Blockchain, I proudly provide the  PERFECT BLEND of High Touch and High Tech.

Professionalism and Experience


With Dr. Tony Alessandra as both a mentor and a business partner, his company provides me with the DISC assessments I love to use to start every coaching session or hire a team member, or train for my PeopleSmart DISC Interpretation Method.

With years of teaching and coaching experience, mentors like Tony and Steve Sisler, and the clients who have taught me how life looks from many perspectives, I have been blessed by working with hundreds of individuals, couples, business owners and professionals to review their DISC report and help them see the gift it reveals about 

I will focus on helping you change your perception of what is possible for you and the life you so deserve and one that it is filled with vitality, enthusiasm ... and happiness!


Committing yourself to having great relationships and a business and lifestyle you love is just that – a commitment - and NOT a burden!! It's the greatest FREEDOM there is - confidence that will take you everywhere you want to go! Knowing who you are will take you where you want to go. 

That ideal life IS possible when you take the first step and commit yourself to YOU! 

Contact me below if you want...            

  • to change your career 
  • to make more money 
  • great relationships 
  • both a business and a personal life you love and are passionate about!


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Who is Carol Dysart?


Here's Steve Sisler,'s answer to that question  -  (he's one of my favorite DISC conference speakers on understanding how human being all are "hardwired" and motivated:


"Carol, you are what? 75? Most of the people I know at 75 can't turn on a cellphone!  Your level of intimacy with current technology, the 'crypto' market, your ambitions for business and your ability to switch lanes and switch gears like a 20 year old is OUTSTANDING.  So I just wanted to say WOW! And to anyone interested in incorporating Carol into anything you are doing,, she'll be smarter than you!"

I don't know about "smarter", but I do know that my personal commitment is to provide you with what it takes for you to first understand and value your personal style, so you can value the gift in others very different (and needed) styles for what they bring to you! 

I'll help you design the blueprint you for anything you really want for yourself - and the tools to get there positively and easily, once you know where you are going! 

If you feel stuck or uncertain, sign up for an interview and free coaching session so we both know if what you want is what I can deliver to you... and more!

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Carol Dysart

San Diego, California 92128, United States