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DISC = People Literacy for a PeopleSmart World



Understanding People = Creating a World that can work for EVERYONE!

PeopleSmart World.com  is Carol and Sandra's Training site of PeopleSmartEnterprises, LLC.  Their Life's Purpose and Mission  is to bring proven systems, methods, tools and resources  for developing *People-literacy in Visionary Families and Leaders. 

Leaders who know how to make  every team member relationship   a positive experience, then productivity - and profits soar! 

PeopleSmart Leadership is where everyone on a team is aligned, and each member is  honored for their strengths of style and contribution. 

* People-literacy = understanding the needs, emotions, fears and motivators that drive a person's observable behavior

With this awareness, your ability to adapt to any situation or individual without judgement, upset, or compromise is what makes one truly successful!

Let us help you identify YOUR Style and perhaps, even Your Life's Purpose! With that goal, your  PeopleSmart adventure into self-and-other Understanding will begin!!  

DISC Assessments featuring the Universal People-Smart Language!


 Don't miss out on using all of our  People-Smart Tools, Workshops, and assessments including DISC, Values, Hiring, Leadership, Sales, Coaching, Management, Relationship, Self, and many more valuable, customized self-administered, self developed  assessments. These help you see yourself and the others in your life or team as never before!  We provide and customize these exclusively for you due to our Master License with owner of Assessments 24x7, Dr. Tony Alessandra, (above with Carol) 

People-Literacy is also the "Universal language of Love!" And, once seen yourself, you'll have new ways to experience others as never before!  And you'll see yourself, perhaps for the VERY FIRST TIME! 

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PeopleSmart World.com

Come back here every time you want to learn who's on your team or want to hire the right person!

Ask what it will take to make you a DISC "Guru" in your own business! 


DISC for Youth


DISCovering Me for Schools, Organizations and Home Schooling Parents

Our DISCovering Me &You program are a complete curriculum that includes the assessments, teaching resources, and booklets to use in any class, workshop, or home-schooling program designed to be used with ages 10+ (with the adults loving seeing their results in terms of the four primary birds as well.

The workshops have been designed to easily integrate into a curriculum (inquiry/topic/theme of each term), the disciplinary system and culture of any school, organization, or home where Home Schooling is taking place!. 

Our customized DISCovering Me & You Assessments feature our BIRDS - Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls, to guide the child in all of us through a magical journey of self-acceptance, self-appreciation, love of self and others, and each fun activities contained within it will  walk you through the entire report, illustrating how to apply it. 

Learn  more at: https://www.peoplesmartworld.com/discovering-me.html




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