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My personal commitment and passion is to provide you with insights into your own gifts and talents to motivate you to be MORE of who you think you are NOW. When you have your own insights, you will see the gift in others so much easier and value what they bring to you! 

Enroll yourself in my Designing YOUR IDEAL LIFE! - a Blueprint we create together, assisted by some of the scientific instruments that I'll use (like DISC, BankCode, and blockchain) to be your experienced guide who can assist you see options you may not have ever considered before! We will experience events, or maybe even travel together, to help get you on (or back on) the path that life has been waiting to offer you! 

Request your complimentary interview where we'll look at what you want and decide together how and when you can begin getting just that!


Professionalism and Experience

With my business partner, Sandra Davis, we developed the "PeopleSmart DISC Interpretation Method," and it became the center of all our Certification Training and Individual Coaching.

With years of teaching high school and colleges as a background, my coaching style starts with getting to know you - inside (with the help of your profile), and then I focus on assisting you change your perception of what is possible for you and the life you so deserve! 

Committing yourself to great relationships with everyone you meet includes how you run your business and the lifestyle you choose! And just like making a love commitment - you'll find it is NOT a burden but the greatest FREEDOM there is!

This level of confidence will take you ANYWHERE! It starts with knowing who you are and having a picture of  where you want to go! That ideal life IS possible when you take the first step and commit yourself to YOU!   

Here are some of the things we can do together: 

       * change your career 

       * make more money 

       * have a great relationships 

        * Identify whether your business and personal life are going in the right direction so you end up where you want!




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And I love assisting people get comfortable with themselves, their strengths, and those situations that motivate them the most, for it is only then that they can be their most natural and loving self - able to build rapport and have fun, meaningful friendships with others! 

Throughout my professional business life, I've been a Coach, Counselor, Teacher, and Friend to most everyone I know. What has assisted me more than anything else is the training and profiling I've done. 

I've worked with individuals, couples, executives and their leadership teams around the world. I love interpreting their profiles and assisting them to see themselves as others see them so they are more aware of the impact they make on others, starting with valuing the gifts and differences in these others too!

My Master’s degree in Counselling prepared me in the process. My long-time role as DISC Master with the Money & You programs around the world have kept me teaching the people-skills I love sharing because they are the keys to success in life... as people are people - everywhere you go!

And since other long-term clients of mine are in the financial and alternative currency world of Blockchain, I proudly provide the PERFECT BLEND of High Touch and High Tech.