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In 1980, Bucky (Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller) and his wife Ann Hewlett posed with me while they were teaching and living with us  for 3 days at my Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs back in 1980!

What a treat to be able to speak and eat with this gift to the world of one of three "greatest thinkers of all time" while he was on campus with us then!

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Everything taught here is experiential.  


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Excellerated Business School

  Designed and taught in "super learning" fashion, including games that teach  Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller - Bucky's   Generalized Principles showed me what to do as well as watch out for when running my own  businesses in a way  that creates a Win/Win dynamic for all.  

This life altering program, now owned by my friend, Dame Doria (DC) Cordova, became my client in 1980 and I've been their DISC Master and coach, ever since.

See "Bucky", along with and his wife, Ann Hewlet with me at my Business School back in 1980! 

This company has been my client for almost 40 years, Excellerated Business Schools  and it is not only the "grandfather of Transformational Business Education movement around the world, but most all the the great trainers and leaders of change are or their students are found its graduate list!

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Global Visionaries


In this picture, Dame Doria (DC) Cordova is shown at one of the photo opps at a the global Business School in Cancun, 2018 with Bill Galt, her long time mentor, founder of the Good Earth Restaurants that were subsequently bought out by General Mills at 149xearnings! Bill is gone now but was one of the original partners in the formation of this extraordinary school's programs, including both the Business School and the Money & You Context-setting first step course. (See by clicking on Bucky's picture here.)

On Doria's right is a new business partner for improving the world's ecological footprint, Huang Ming, Founder of Solar Valley, China, a  city in China completely powered by solar energy and demonstration of all the ways solar can be used!

If you consider yourself a visionary, want to take your own business to new levels of success, supported by a global graduate body of forward thinking entrepreneurs and be able to come back to revisit and network for free with other like-minded graduates for the rest of your life, (a gift of doing this program) start by attending the Context-Setting, next

Money & You! 

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