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The Future for BUSINESS is NOW! Earn Rewards using Tokens to bring Ca$h & Customers

Need More Customers?


All SME's (Small to Medium Enterprises) need the same thing... customers that come to you from a referral and stay to refer their friends too!

What happens when even other businesses or charities or major social media "Influencers" share what they like about you too... and you don't have to pay every time you want people to notice you? 

It's free to advertise... once you are tokenized on the Nasgo Platform and marketing to the world by the affiliates of ShareNode.com!

Every business owner needs what the Nasgo/ShareNode combination offers them.:

Member consumers participating in ShareNode’s Rewards program, earning a portion of each company’s digital assets/credits which also includes bonus assets from ShareNode and Nasgo, making it a WIN for businesses, a WIN for consumers, and for favorite local charities, a WIN for Causes!  3W!!

The NASGO Blockchain platform was designed specifically for SME - Small and Medium sized Enterprises - to  help them by saving money, making more money, and providing access to a global marketplace - regardless of where they are located.

To apply for your own site or become an affiliate to promote it, I can help you at Carol@CarolDysart.com.

Put in the subject line in all caps: INTERESTED IN NASGO along with your contact details - name, email. country, phone, and your  link on SKYPE or WeChat or WhatsApp so we can speak!


Tokenize Businesses!


ShareNode.com is tokenized on Nasgo.com with its own token called the SNP - and its ShareNode Program is affiliated with but an independently operated Community-Based Advertising and Marketing movement that exclusively helps businesses be found and do business with their tokens on the NASGO Blockchain. 

Whether you own a business or not, you the business owners you shop with will be so happy and wnat to reward you with their own tokens each time you return or refer your friends to visit their site! 

YOU are an important member of their community and now you can support them as well as earn great financial and other types of rewards for telling others about them!

Business owners can now save hundreds of thousands of dollars by just getting tokenized on the Nasgo/ShareNode Platform.

If you are not already a ShareNode Affiliate, please click here and look throughout this exciting site of  ShareNode.com/caroldysart.

The click to sign up as an affiliated member... either for free or by purchasing SNP tokens for yourself.

$250 worth will allow you to refer businesses you already patronize and $1,000 SNP will make you an "active" ShareNode Affiliate with your own SNP token to use as advertising credits. You'll earn 1,000 SNP plus BTC each time you refer a new business to the Nasgo/ShareNode Platform as a thank you reward for doing do! 

If To get all these services available on the Nasgo.com Blockchain, including a SideChain on their Main Chain for less than the cost of one ad, contact me as  listed. <------

Ours is the SMARTCoin!


Once I got ready to Tokenize our PeopleSmartWorld personal profiling business it was an easy choice because I'd already watched the iDecide Interactive presentations,  had  a good understanding of how the Nasgo Blockchain Platform  (see co-founders Steve Chaing and Eric Tippets above), plus James Hardy and Butch Chelliah's ShareNode Digital Marketing SNP advertising coin, plus the VAPR augmented reality App and Amico make it all work together! It will disrupt the world of commerce as it  revolutionizes and transforms how my own business of almost 40 years will now do our business! 

You will want to know more too, so simply ask me for one or more of these iDecide Interactive presentations:


*  NASGO Overview

* Team Building

* Tokenization

* The Age of Influence (coming soon)

At the end of each viewing you can choose if you'd like me to get back to you or you can directly sign up at https:// ShareNode.com/caroldysart.

THIS IS YOUR INVITATION to be part of the future Trillion Dollar Blockchain! I didn't want to miss it.  Do you? 

Eric spelled it all out last year at the ChainXChange event in Las Vegas: https://youtu.be/HPfznyStCs4

Questions? Please explore the site and then contact me directly to arrange a time for us to meet by Skype or Zoom.


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