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What is ShareNode.com?


ShareNode - the Age of Social Influence is HERE!

You'll be happy you stopped in here if...

* ... you are a consumer who loves saving money on everything you purchase! 

* ... you are an SME Business Owner who loves getting more business for less money! 

* ... want to "tokenize" your business  or Charity and start being featured on this decentralized, global Blockchain platform featuring a brand new concept in marketing.

* ... Love providing experiences that people can pay for and then share with others - everyone getting rewarded as often as they visit you?

It's an amazing ecosystem. To see what that means, this interactive presentation will give you a Peek" into what ShareNode is preparing to bring to the world and they are launching across the USA and England, starting  July 26-27, 2019 in Las Vegas.

Simply enter your name and email to open it up and click to decide what you want to learn more about - Making Money, Saving Money, Sales for your business, bringing awareness and donations to your Charity. Then I'll also  know what answers to get for you by your final choices offered!


I recommend that, no matter what you want, SIGN UP FOR FREE at   ShareNode.com/caroldysart for free for special access to to saving money and getting paid for referring others joining you here too! 

There is no limit to the size and type of business you will now be able to attract... for free. Enjoy our regular cruises, meet Eric, Steve, James and Butch... each incredible founders and designers of this platform for SME's.

Let me know how you want ShareNode.com - the revolutionary Marketing and Distribution channel for YOUR businesses might bring to you by being on the Nasgo Platform.


Can't wait to answer your questions and help you get started!

ShareNode.com/caroldysart.             THANK YOU!

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PS. Once you are signed up as either a free guest, a business or a Non Profit, everything you need to know about the how to participate without spending a lot of time here will be under the EVENTS tab on the ShareNode.com site or under the Library and Tutorials tabs in your ShareNode.com Dashboard.

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