Staff Optimization Packages for CEO's & Leadership Teams

Hiring the right person for the right job the first time!

Profitable Team Management starts with knowing Who's On Your Bus; How Do You Get Them In The Right Seat; and How Do You Manage Them For Greatest Success?  Let Carol analyze the DISC reports for each person on your teams to help you see, manage, and develop them for optimal results.

Take Company Sales Through The Roof! 

Re-inspire and update your Sales Team with new "Buyology" profiling, using the help of AI, to know BEFORE making their Sales presentations exactly how to word and speak each presentation. Let Carol's 40 years of inspiring interpretation and coaching using a variety of proven Personality Science Tools re-energize your sales team.

These packages are customized based on our initial analysis of your Strategic Goals and can be delivered via Zoom after a 1-day initial meeting to get to know those she will be working with. 

Throughout her time with your company – normally over 3-6 months –  in helping HR assess, interpret, and apply the right Profiling Tools to meet YOUR situation, she will be training and, at the end, certifying that HR person after working together throughout Carol's involvement with your teams.


The initial deposit fee pays for the Certification and covers private work with HR and electronic delivery of all our DISC training and Certification information. At this meeting, we will meet with Owners and C-level executives to do a strategic needs assessment, set up a budget, and calendar future meeting dates.


A system - designed by and managed inhouse - with monthly access to the assessments and training experience and private coaching with Carol Dysart, so that, as a company, you can:

  • Attract, Recruit, Hire and Retain the right employees long-term.
  • Have each person on the team's profile interpreted by Carol (and as training for HR) with a new profile produced if the existing one is more than 6 months to 1 year old.
  • Have access to and apply the principles in the Book "Money Making Systems for People Who Work With People" by Doria (DC) Cordova and Carol Dysart.
  • Master Strategies to increase team self-confidence and mutual rapport in every relationship within the company.
  • Request Private Coaching for so many hours per month by Carol Dysart.
  • Get HR access to all the Management and Leadership "How-To" manuals available in your site.
  • Have group or 1:1 training to help each leader know their own style clearly, its impact on people whose style is different from theirs, and how to work with the individual styles of each staff member from private coaching with Carol to resolve any 1:1 conflicts that always result from the natural tensions between different styles or lack of awareness on either member's part.  
  • Home Study Opportunities for Staff Members: PeopleSmart World can provide free ebooks and quick-study reference charts by Carol and Sandra as well as affordable access to both our Virtual Training series on DISC as well as courses in our new online PeopleSmart Academy, designed for Youth and Homeschooling Curriculum, now under development by Carol's business partner, Sandra Davis.  These valuable resources were designed so each employee can take home and apply the PeopleSmart Skills they are learning at work!
  • Bottom Line, your company will be blessed with people who love coming to work because they feel listened to, heard, and valued for whom they are and the contribution their unique talents and gifts can, or already do, bring to this company and its suppliers and customers!

Offer private CEO PeopleSmart HR Optimization package Strategic needs assessment to clarify their own goals for their company and get each member aware and aligned with their own personal goals.

This fine-tuning consultation and service optimizes the use of existing team members by profiling and interviewing each to make sure:

  1. The right people are in the right roles.
  2. To assess each team member to see if each is in the ideal position.
  3. Analyze each job's requirements to identify the personnel ideally qualified and needed for each.
  4. Assess each employee to discover how to get the most productivity and profitability from them more consistently.
  5. Underperforming people are often due to lack of self-confidence, lack of feeling a personal purpose, etc., and can cause them to leave the company.
  6. If outplacement is an ideal solution or requested, Carol will coach both employee and manager first; then if exit is the best option, help them write a resume, profile and get testimonials from other team members and staff.

This corporate investment in the staff will return 10x in adding personal value to each employee so they know that they are with a CEO and company that listens, knows, understands the gifts they are contributing, and cares about them. 

 The resulting benefit of this to the company is Employees:

  • Who don't watch the clock.
  • Who feel more important to the company.
  • Who know how to get what they need without whining, complaining, or gossiping.
  • Who feel loyalty and ownership so they stay working for the company and help save money by reducing wasted time and effort.
  • Who impact customers who can feel the positive energy when the whole team loves their job, is happy to work there, and loves working in alignment with the others because they all feel an ownership in the company (especially if they get shares of stock or profit shares because of teaching team and company goals.)