Meet Carol Dysart

Carol Dysart, Masters of Science in Counselling and resident of San Diego, CA, is known by her clients and students as a DISC Master. She has gained mastery in the “art and science of understanding people”, from working with many clients throughout her 40+ years, that have received the gift of their DISC Personal Style and her coaching, and from her client seminar and coaching companies around the world. ​

Carol brings over three decades of experience using the DISC profiles to her CEO coaching, training them in how to get the most understanding out of their profile interpretation. She describes it as an “art” because there is a need for human interpretation of the information shown in the profile, and a “science” because the model has been statistically analysed as both accurate and predictive of the subject’s primary behaviors and style.


In pre-DISC days I was taught to mirror the person in front of me; knowing the DISC programs makes the interaction so much easier. I now know how to approach an individual in advance. Carol’s work eliminates 80% of what most leaders have to learn through ‘trial and error’ – the costliest form of training and development. One opportunity for people to meet this need is either for people to bring her in to their company or to purchase her profiling systems, books, and audio files.