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Having enjoyed years of teaching, studying and being mentored by many of the top Masters in the Human Potential and Personal Growth industry, I am now wrapping it up into a new bundle that I can deliver on to so many more than I ever

could have dreamed of when I graduates from UCLA and started off teaching high school. 

While my  formal education included a Masters degree in Counseling, years following  undergraduate work at both UCSB and UCLA after high school,  it was the experience gained in  travel, marriage and raising of three children (the best type of education there is!) that prepared me for owning my own business!

It was an unexpected but a choice that came naturally following a transformational business education program, Money & You, and continuing my training at the Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs after that. Because of the importance I place on the gifts they have  given me, you'll find a whole section on this site to share the people, transformational education, and international travel experiences that have really influenced the rest of everything I've done since then! 

Passionate about People


After traveling to New Zealand on a 3-week Visa in 2000 to train and provide coaching on the DISC portion of the M&Y program 

 to the promoters there, I loved that country and the people in NZ so much that I stayed 4 1/2 more years! (Flexibility is my middle name!)

My gracious host, Sandra Davis, (seen above left), became not only a great friend but my valuable business partner as a result!

Together, we created PeopleSmartEnterprises, LLC and started certifying and licensing others to provide our services world-wide, to serve the educational market and home schooling as well. 

Because of Sandra's background in educational design and franchising, we now serve not only businesses, but youth and home schooling environments. 

Our DISC training sites are  PeopleSmartWorld.com and DISCoveringMe.net (see DISC tab above for details). 

We invite you to join us in creating a world where People-Literacy, Living by Virtues,  Vision and Purpose become "business as usual" when it comes to raising families, having great relationships and developing productive, profitable businesses!  

Passionate about Family


Of all the gifts we get in our life, the love of family is the most precious.

So while my  career included  speaking, training, writing,  coaching and consulting to many and  I've been trained by the "best of the best" -  world-famous speakers, motivators, authors, and business executives, and world leaders in their fields, it is my family that has taught me the most! 

I apply what I've learned here to everything else I do...

*  Relationship Coaching

*  DISC Mastery Training

   * Corporate Consulting

     *  Podcast Interviews

      * Conference Speaking

    * Parent Education

... and much more.

Let me know how I can help you to take your life, business, and relationships to whole new levels of passion and happiness.


... and I LOVE it!

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Carol Dysart

Rancho Bernardo - San Diego, CA