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  • Do you want to discover your own life purpose and passion?
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  • Do you want different results from or with people in your life?
  • Does your communicating style attract others to you?
  • Do you want to increase your income by just applying what you learn here?
  • Do you want a LIFE YOU LOVE?

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My personal story is in the ABOUT tab. There you'll learn how I got to be known internationally as a "DISC (Personality Style) Master", consultant, business owner, mentor, and someone who has traveled the world, able to share and bring leading-edge tools and the success processes that can help you find the gifts within yourself.   

Both DISC and BANK are used extensively as an HR Resource because they are excellent tools for hiring as well as development.  

You can see your own BANK style in my FREE GIFT for you which will be of special interest if you are in sales of any kind. Click here to take a 90-sec profile Gift .

I make the art of People-Reading simple and fun on the journey to self-and-other understanding. The personality profiling tools I use and recommend include insights for any business industry, culture, age, and educational levels. 

Committing yourself to great relationships with everyone you meet includes how you run your business and the lifestyle you choose! And just like making a love commitment - you'll find it is NOT a burden but the greatest FREEDOM there is!

This level of confidence will take you ANYWHERE! It starts with knowing who you are and having a picture of where you want to go! That ideal life IS possible when you take the first step and commit yourself to YOU!   

As a mentor to individuals for personal growth through self-discovery, I can help you uncover your Life Purpose and Passion. I help couples in relationships of any length of time create a life they love together - forever. 

If you own a business, I facilitate identifying the gift of every style so you can get the most productivity and profitability from every employee who will feel heard, appreciated, and happy to work in your business with you.

I invite you to LEAP with me into new inspiration and a roadmap to change lives for the better. LEAP is a radical concept developed by a good friend of mine, Steve Farber, author of "Just DAMN Good Business," with whom I'm working to bring this amazing philosophy into businesses to help people radically change their working culture.

What is LEAP?.....

  • Cultivate LOVE
  • Generate ENERGY
  • Inspire AUDACITY
  • Provide PROOF

My advice? Leave behind comparisons, gossip, self-sabotage, and lack of confidence when around other people!  

Instead, turn your attention to finding what's "right" about the strengths others have in their differences from you; then collaborate for incredible results!

I look forward to being your guide to new perspectives that will generate Proof of more Love, Energy, and Stamina in your life. WELCOME to my PeopleSmart World.

Communication and collaboration is essential in ALL your relationships.



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Communication in Relationships is the KEY to everything, whether it's with a partner, a child, or in a business.

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