I LOVE WHAT i DO!!! PeopleSmartWorld.com has everything else about DISC Training.

  • WHAT I TEACH  - Learn more about my coaching PeopleSmart skills using Personality Profiles  to focus on strengths and overcome weaker traits. This is my PASSION, EXPERTISE, and ultimate LIFE PURPOSE.

  • WHOM I'VE WORKED WITH - Having been in business since the beginning of the Personal Development Revolution, I've worked directly with thousands of individuals, couples, and business owners.

  • APPLICATIONS for "DISC-ology" and "BUY-ology" -  In addition to my DISC tools, I've added the  MyBANKCode.com/PeopleSmart Affiliate systems for those who work  directly in  Sales.

  • SPECIAL PROGRAMS and PROJECTS I USE and LOVE -  Tech Center Live (TCL) and Money & You - my client since 1980.  (You do the math!) Also look at VIV for  savings on monthly bills.

With your help and interest in any of these, together we can use the benefits of being People-Smart and people-literate to live in a World that Works for Everyone!

There's much to see here. So take your time, look around, and learn what there is to know about my PeopleSmart World.  

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