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Experienced Entrepreneur


Carol has enjoyed years of studying and being mentored by many of the Masters in the Human Potential and Personal Growth industry. 

Carol's Graduate degree is in Counseling came after undergraduate work at both UCSB and UCLA, followed by extensive travel, marriage and raising of children (the best type of education there is!) and returning for her Masters of Science from San Diego State University. Her love of learning led her to a turning point in her life - attending Money & You, followed by what is now the Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs. Designed originally by Marshall Thurber and Bobbi dePorter, mentored in Super Learning by Dr. Georgi Lazanov of Bulgaria, and in the Generalized Principles of Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller (Bucky), this life altering program is now led by Dame Doria (DC) Cordova, and which Carol still supplies with their DISC Personal Style Assessments. Now considered a Master Coach using DISC, Carol is pictured above with one of her most famous mentors, Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller along with and his wife, Ann Hewlet in 1980 at the Business School she attended.

Passionate about People

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Carol, her Business Partner, Sandra Davis of NZ, and their Associate, Dr. JJ Sawyer, former Principal are all passionate about customizing assessments, e-books, programs and training guides that make learning about Self-and-Others easier, more fun and relative to, what they feel is the most important type of literacy - People-Literacy!

Their work focuses on helping people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds learn how to make the best use of their talents and be able to recognize when adapting to another's style and needs is most important in the moment.

This team has extensive experience in education, coaching, and curriculum development, hence providing resources you just cannot find anywhere else! 

 This team at PeopleSmart World invites you to join us in creating a World where People-Literacy, Living by Virtues, and Fulfillment of one's Vision and Purpose becomes "business as usual" in families and businesses everywhere!  

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Benefit from her Experience


Carol has dedicated her career to learning, teaching, writing and Coaching and, while she has trained the "best of the best" who are world-famous speakers, motivators, authors, and business executives, she is now plans to continue bringing the best training, coaching, tools and the work from many of her mentors - other Master Teachers around the world. 

Her students are simply "Masters in Training" and she brings out each person's natural brilliance - often to the great surprise of the student.

These insights are often what only years of experience and profiling thousands of students have given her. But soon, after working and watching and being eagerly "coachable",  people suddenly are freed from their past doubts and fears and enjoy a new view of themselves because they become clear on:

* Their Own Unique Style and Gifts

* How To Recognize Others' Styles

* How to Bring out the Others' Gifts 

* How to "Dance on the DISC" and Not Step on Anyone's Toes! 

Now, enjoy exploring this site and let me know how we can work together!

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